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Dr. Magda De La Paz Cabrero

Dr. Magda De La Paz Cabrero is an author and book illustrator. 


Her recently published and self-illustrated book is Walking on Earth with Thich Nhat Hanh: My Experiences with Silence & The Sanctuaries & Kindred Spirits I Have Found in Many Places.

Dr. Cabrero practices Mindfulness in the Plum Village Tradition, following Thich Nhat Hanh's Buddhist teachings. She is a dharma facilitator, engaged mindfulness coordinator and Care Taking Council member of Opening Heart Mindfulness Community in Washington DC.


Dr. Cabrero is a former professor of pre-service & in-service teachers of world languages at George Mason University and a Restorative Justice facilitator for young offenders at Northern VA Mediation Services.

She is also a former educator with extensive experience in creating non-punitive systems of prevention, enrichment, support and restoration for students. She has dedicated much of her life to working to maximize the learning conditions of all students.

Dr. Cabrero completed her Doctorate in Education from University of Maryland in 2011. Her concentration was Curriculum & Instruction, & Teacher Professional Development. Her cognate area was School Administration & Supervision. 

Me with promising Senior Ladies of Honor

Me celebrating promising Senior Ladies of Honor

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